Alaska Golf Courses

You are currently looking at the list of Golf Courses located in the state of Alaska, USA. Dig deeper to find the per-city "Golfing" list by clicking the county you wish to view.

My Personal Favorite Alaska Golf Courses

Homestead Resort Properties Moose Run Golf Course
2700 Artic Boulevard
Anchorage Alaska (AK), 99503
907-561-1517 (Anchorage County)

Moose Run Golf Course
27000 Arctic Valley Road
Anchorage Alaska (AK), 99504
907-428-0056 (Anchorage County)

Eagleglen Golf Course
MWRS/MWBG Bldg 23-100
Elmendorf Afb Alaska (AK), 99506
907-552-3821 (Anchorage County)